Hello, queer and ally Portlanders! Did you have a great time at this weekend’s Pride festivities? Because the Mercury definitely had a great time.

Portland’s LGBTQ+ community has dealt with some serious shit in the last year, but it really was heartwarming to march in the parade and see so many happy queer faces, young and old and in between. Seeing the droves of straight people eager to celebrate their queer loved ones was also inspiring—which leads me to make this suggestion: If you had an epic Pride weekend, and especially if you’re straight and cisgender and had an epic Pride weekend, then you might want to extend the love by donating to a local charity or nonprofit that helps LGBTQ+ people in Portland.

There's no shortage of commendable queer-focused organizations in Portland; here are a few suggestions:

The Q Center, Portland’s LGBTQ+ community center, connects queer Portlanders to important resources, serves as a gathering space for different marginalized groups within the community, and operates a health clinic out of its building. The Q Center is currently raising money for needed structural improvements to its space on N Mississippi—you can make a donation here.

Did you know that Oregon queers enjoy more legal rights than about half of our queer siblings in other states? That might not have happened were it not for the work of Basic Rights Oregon, an LGBTQ+ civil rights organization that was pivotal in passing the Oregon Equality Act, and is part of a coalition currently working to reform Oregon’s hate crime laws. Donate here.

New Avenues for Youth’s Sexual & Gender Minority Youth Resource Center provides houseless LGBTQ+ youth with mental health resources, connects them with job opportunities, and hosts affirming events ranging from drag shows to support groups. Donate here.

Queer people often face unique challenges as they age, and SAGE Metro Portland advocates and provides resources for Portland’s LGBTQ+ seniors. Click here and select SAGE Metro Portland under the “Donation or Payment Category” heading to donate.

The Cascade AIDS Project provides housing and health services to HIV positive people, which includes many in the LGBTQ+ community. The nonprofit also provides preventative resources, like access to Prep prescriptions and HIV tests. Donate here.