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¿Por Que No?

Aalto Lounge

Happy Hour: Daily 5-7 pm.

Acadia: A New Orleans Bistro

Great neighborhood spot that provides quality Cajun- and creole-style cuisine—they are particularly known for their grilled pork chops and barbecue shrimp—that...


Happy Hour: Mon-Thu, Sun 10-11 pm; Sat 10 pm-midnight.


Art Bar & Bistro

Given the unpredictable quality of Portland's theater productions, it's a genius move to have a bar located on the first floor of Antoinette Hatfield Hall, home...

Bar Avignon

Oregon and Washington's beautiful landscapes aren't just pretty: They offer some of the best winemaking country in the world. Bar Avignon will show you the rope...

Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 5-6pm.

Bare Bones Cafe

Happy Hour: Daily 3-6 pm.


Happy Hour: Mon 4 pm-midnight; Tue-Thu 4-6:30 pm, 9:30 pm-midnight; Fri-Sat 4-6:30 pm; Sun 4-11 pm.

Billy Ray's Neighborhood Dive

Happy Hour: Daily 4-7 pm.


Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 4:30-6:30 pm; Sun 7-8:30 pm.

Blue Fin Sushi

Boiler Room

Happy Hour: Tue-Sat 7-9 pm.

Boxer Ramen

You should order their tonkotsu-shio ramen. It tastes deeply of bacon and onions and pork and garlic that's been roasted so long it's black. If there are two of...

C Bar

Happy Hour: Mon-Sat 4-7 pm; Mon-Thu 10 pm-midnight; Sun 4 pm-midnight.


In the age of gimmicky buzz bars, Cassidy's is suddenly that rarest of things: an unpretentious, upscale joint that welcomes all comers. While their dinners are...

Happy Hour: Daily 4-6 pm, 10 pm-2 am.

CC Slaughters

Happy Hour: Daily 3-7 pm, 9 pm-midnight.

Chen's Dynasty

Coffee Time

Crow Bar

Happy Hour: Daily 3-8 pm.

Dig a Pony

Happy Hour: Daily 4-6 pm.

Eleni's Philoxenia

Enzo's Caffe Italiano

Chef Enzo Lanzadoro, a native of the seaport of Bari, prides himself on a Southern Italian menu that folks will find nowhere else in Portland. Even standard tra...

Espresso Roma

Ground Kontrol

All your favorite arcade games from yesteryear to recent. From Burgertime, to Street Fighter 2, to Dance Dance Revolution. The only thing that can overpower the...

Happy Hour: Daily 5-7 pm; Sun 5 pm-midnight.


Happy Hour: Daily 3:30-6 pm; Fri-Sat 9-11 pm.

Laughing Planet

Living Room Theaters

Click here to buy tickets to Living Room Theaters screenings

Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 4-6 pm.


BON APPÉTIT Restaurant Editor Andrew Knowlton named Luce the number-four most important new restaurant in America, and overnight the quiet little corner...

Marinepolis Sushi Land

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