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5 & Dime

Abigail Hall

Ash Bar at Nomad


Blank Slate

C Bar

Happy Hour: Mon-Sat 4-7 pm; Mon-Thu 10 pm-midnight; Sun 4 pm-midnight.




Above the streets and sidewalks of Portland is Departure, a place of bright lights, slick surfaces, and wonderful cocktails. Departure is easy to overlook. It i...

Elvis Room

Freeland Spirits

Game Knight Lounge

Game Knight Lounge in a board game pub. Enjoy American style pub grub with and Asian flare, cocktails, and craft beer, all while enjoying board-games from a lib...

Grand Army Tavern


Hey Love


North End Saloon

Quality Bar

Scotch Lodge

Sky Jockey Sport Lounge (at Red Lion Hotel)

Sweet Nothing

A "Florida themed cocktail bar" which begs you to retire on the ol' Suwannee Willamette.

The Hammond

The RailHouse Lounge

The Sudra

It's a healthful and serviceable detour from the burgers and pizza that dangle from the fingers of every other shop owner in town. It may or may not be coincide...



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