Food and Drink Dec 21, 2016 at 4:00 am

A Look at the Specs of Oregon's Most Saturated Brewery Chain


It is hard to judge their beer when it take FOR FUCKING EVER to order one.
See, if they sold their okay-as-fuck beers for the average price that most brewpubs do, it might be worth looking past how unremarkable they are and choking one down once in a while, but they're always overpriced, which is silly considering how rich and influential the company is. They can lower their prices a bit and not have to resort to illegally dumping runoff into creeks in Troutdale (which they ended up doing anyway, incurring a $62,000 fine)
The fact that they continuously understaff all of their brewpubs in lieu of just offering better service makes most people look right past whatever value there may be in any of these beers. Yes, they did a lot of cool shit, and there's no denying what they've done for many fine properties, but they've got to stop half-assing it on service.

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