Meet Portland’s Wine Shop For Standard-Issue Nerds, Not Cork Dorks

Pairings Portland Seeks To Demystify Wine Knowledge for People Who Aren’t Studying for a Sommelier Test


"80 percent of the inventory is organic and yeast-free"

Megan, at the risk of both mansplaining and further intimidating from the geeky side of the wine world, I still have to note that it's literally impossible for a wine to be "yeast-free" as yeast is the thing that eats the sugars from the grapes and converts it to alcohol, i.e., it is essential to the fermentation process and wine would not happen without it. I think you/the shop owner meant that the winemakers allowed the natural/wild yeasts that are in the air and/or already settled on the grape skins to do their thing, rather than adding new yeast to start the fermentation process.

That being said, nice write up and it sounds like a shop I'll be checking out soon.