Representation Matters

The Mercury Election Endorsements for May 15, 2018



I, Eric Hafner, am running in the Third Congressional District challenging incumbent Earl Blumenauer in the Democratic Primary election. Incumbent Earl "Blood Money Bigot" Bluemenauer voted to federally ban gay marriage, supports the anti-worker, anti-union, anti-environment TPP, and gets most of his money from Nike, which is infamous for their use of sweatshops overseas and now has a sexual harassment scandal right here in Oregon. I am a socialist Democrat who supports Legalizing All Drugs, Free Public Transportation for All, and Ending Gun Violence. While the groovy people at The Mercury didn't talk to me for their endorsements, you can still visit my website to get the info on my campaign. Vote HAFNER for Congress by May 15, 2018!


"Most of these endorsement decisions weren’t easy to make" .. yeah right .. One doesn't have to be a genius to predict who you'd endorse .. shock me sometime please Mercury


Sorry Merc, but after you endorsed pseudo-intellectual blowhard Sarah Iannarone for Mayor 2 years ago, and she got an amazing 9% of the vote, you tarnished your brand.


@Reverend if their brand was still kicking following the Iannarone endorsement, they put a couple more bullets in it just to make sure by endorsing Chloe Eudaly.