Feature May 2, 2018 at 4:00 am

The Mercury Election Endorsements for May 15, 2018



"pointing out its flaws with protest signs and rallying cries"

This does not equate to legislative experience or an ability to get shit done. Jesus twat diddling Christ, we already saw what happened with Chloe Eudaly when you put someone in the legislature who has nothing but protest experience, and is too acerbic towards others to actually build coalitions and effectively implement any legislative agenda. Legislating is adulting. Protesting is poopy baby diaper filling. And the fact that Hardesty has aligned herself with Portland Tenants United and Margot Black makes her a non-starter in my book, but I'd also pick at least three other candidates from an experience and coalition-building perspective.


Protests and rallies don't equate legislative experience, but I imagine the six years in the Oregon Legislature does.


It's interesting how WW's endorsement of Hardesty can sound like they're talking about an entirely different person.

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