Bibles Over Baghdad

Christian patriots, your religion needs YOU! Hallelujah! For with the LORD's holy go-ahead, the heathen stronghold of BAGHDAD, whose leaders once threatened to begin developing weapons capable of perhaps one day trying to hurt us, has been CRUSHED under the loving boots of GOD'S global peace-force!

And yet, the Good Work has only just begun. For though clearing a war-torn land of unexploded ordinance and threatening aluminum tubes is hard indeed, yet harder still is scrubbing the Iraqi mental landscape of heathen idolatry and unexploded jihad. Yes, the people of this newly liberated wasteland would sorely appreciate your gifts of water, food, medical attention, and fresh buildings, but what they NEED is JESUS!

And that's why JESUS himself has asked me to spearhead the international effort of Iraqi faith-reconstruction. With your generous and deductible assistance, the M. Leon Hanson Bible Truth Everywhere Foundation will airlift ONE MILLION BIBLES to Iraq!

Your faith-sponsored Bible Air-Car Love-Pak will include: One pocket-size King James Bible (Arabic red-letter edition with Kurdish concordance); one Arabic-English Christian phrasebook, useful for locating churches, negotiating charity, and begging Jesus' salvation in His chosen tongue; your PERSONALIZED message of benediction and faith; and a free one-year membership to the Baghdad YMCA! Volunteer Christian bomber pilots will drop these aid-packages during their scheduled rounds, delivering your message of faith and brotherhood with pinpoint accuracy to schools, hospitals, markets, "mosques," and other population centers.

Please help give a poor, lost country another chance. Send your benedictions and donations of $25 or more to the M. Leon Hanson Bible Truth Everywhere Foundation. With America's help, the Iraqi afterlife is looking better every day!