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MercPerks Frequently Asked Questions

How does the gift-certificate program work?

MercPerks has partnered with selected local businesses throughout the area to offer our readers the opportunity to purchase gift certificates at 50% off the actual value.

Browse our site, choose your deals, and pay through our secure processing system. Depending on the delivery option you select, your certificates are printed on special paper and mailed to your doorstep, or printed via the link in your email receipt. Certificates are valid beginning on the business day following your purchase.

The purchase limit for each item is indicated beneath the price.

How long will it take to receive my gift certificate?

Mailed certificates are sent within 48 hours of purchase (Monday-Friday only), and should arrive within 7 business days. "Print at home" certificates are delivered to your inbox within 24 hours of purchase.

There are two different delivery options available for mailed certificates: First Class Mail and Certified Mail. Please note that we cannot provide tracking information for any items shipped through First Class Mail.

Please retain your confirmation code and email receipt for your records.

Will I receive an e-mail receipt of my purchase?

Yes. You will receive an email receipt from This receipt will contain your confirmation code. Please retain this code for your records.

What if I do not receive my gift certificate(s)?

If you selected "print at home" delivery and have not received your confirmation email with a link to your printable gift certificate within 24 hours, email and we will resend the confirmation email.

If you have not received your mailed gift certificate(s) within 21 days of purchase, you may submit a claim to:

All claims will be fully investigated prior to final resolution, which may take up to 2 weeks from the date of submission.

Please note that MercPerks is not responsible for lost or stolen mail. Tracking information is only available if you selected Certified Mail at checkout.

What if a business does not honor the gift certificate?

Our partners want you to be happy and so do we! The whole point of MercPerks is to bring new customers to businesses with the hope that you will come back again. If you experience a problem redeeming your gift certificate, contact our customer service department and we will do everything possible to correct the situation.

What happens if the merchant/business closes prior to redemption?

Unfortunately, this does happen occasionally. If this happens to you, contact us immediately to arrange to return the certificate for a refund. Unredeemed certificates for closed establishments may be returned to MercPerks for a refund up to one year from the purchase date.

Are there any restrictions on the gift certificate(s) I purchase?

Restrictions for each gift certificate offered are outlined on the website and on the certificate, and vary by the participating business.

Here are a few of the most common restrictions:

  • No cash back
  • Cannot be used for alcohol
  • Gratuity not included
  • Only one gift certificate per visit
  • Not valid with any other promotional discounts

A business may choose to set additional restrictions, which is why you should always review the restrictions carefully prior to purchase.

Restrictions will also appear on the gift certificate you receive. No exceptions or changes are allowed. Alterations to any gift certificate issued will void the certificate.

All restrictions outlined are accepted upon purchase. NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES will be made.

Who is responsible for the fulfillment of my gift-certificate purchase?

Index Newspapers LLC (DBA The Stranger, The Portland Mercury, and AltPerks) is responsible for fulfillment of all purchases made through MercPerks. Participating businesses are not responsible for fulfillment. All transactions are processed and shipped by our customer service department.

Customer service inquiries should be directed to:

MercPerks Customer Service
c/o AltPerks
115 SW Ash Street, Suite 600
Portland, OR 97204
TEL: 877-901-1954
FAX: 503-294-0844
Business hours: Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm PST