Mercury staff Jun 30, 2011 at 4:00 am

Which Portland Pod Has the Best Collection of Food Carts?


Seriously? You guys couldn't be bothered to review Green Castle? Have you forgotten your roots already?
"Lunch is at NOON, and if you can't be up and slinging grub by that time, you may want to choose a different occupation. Despite the media blowjobs you may have become accustomed to, being a food cart operator in Portland does not make you part of a privileged class."

This, a million times.
I'm disappointed with the review of A La Carts at SE 50th and Division. Courtney Ferguson claims that she visited on four occasions only to find the Vegan/Vegetarian cart Off The Griddle closed. I know the owners and they are sticklers for keeping their posted hours so I find it very hard to believe they were not open during her visits. She fails to realize that they were just voted the #1 burger in SE Portland and #3 in all of Portland-- could they have accomplished this feat without being open??? I think not. People-disregard Courtney's inaccurate review and stop by and try one of their burgers because they are great even for meat eaters like myself!!
Like the Merc, but this guide seems....incomplete...
I have been to A la Carts about 10+ times and every time Off the Griddle was open and delicious.

BUT I would agree that the fondue cart is rarely open.
You missed a great delight, Cackalack's Hot Chicken Shack, you'll be drooling for days, with great anticipation for your next visit. NE 20th St & Kearns
You missed a great delight, Cackalack's Hot Chicken Shack, you'll be drooling for days, with great anticipation for your next visit. NE 20th St & Kearns
wait another merc crapshoot article? It does seem as of late downhill is the trend
Dear Portland,
A moratorium on naming anything in town using the suffix "ia." Effective immediately.
Thank you.
Sweet Pea's Brulee wasn't really mentioned. They are a GREAT little dessert cart at the Good Food Here Pod; I think they were one of the first ones there (they were at least the first dessert cart there).
Otg is always open... We go a lot-- early, late, and in-between.
Green Castle is awesome! I'm surprised you guys missed this one, and seem to perpetuate the idea that you have done all the legwork and are experts of some kind. That's an exciting pod, and the only mention was that it had "tumbleweeds". Not fair. Not good journalism. Not cool.
You also completely ignored the new pod on Belmont, between 34th and 35th Ave, one of whom actually advertised in your Invasion of the Cart Pod issue and offered a coupon on your website. There are five carts in a well-trafficked part of town...has no one seriously noticed this place yet? They've been there for months. Before Green Castle opened, whom you also underrepresented. Agreed. Not good journalism.
you know how you can tell someone is an alcoholic? when they cannot think of doing something without alcohol. In this article as "amusing" as it may be encouraging everyone to drink with a meal it is somewhat misguided to encourage people to knowingly go against the city ordinance which prohibits drinking in public.

If you want to drink in public then petition the city to change the ordinance or move to a city where drinking in public is permissible. Being and obstinate child about following the rules of social conduct shows an impulsive and self destructive nature. Not generally beneficial actions.
I feel like Secret Kebab should have an honorary mention. @secretkebab on Twitter. I haven't eaten there yet but the Twitter feed is enough for me to be forever loyal. BOOM BOOM.
@Heart @CroationSensation I spent time at both Green Castle and the 34th & Belmont pod, among others that didn't make the issue. I had a couple decent items at each, but overall I was unimpressed. I don't think either pod is at the level of the ones we covered. Yet anyway.

@crankygrandpa I apologize for my impulsive and self destructive nature, but not drinking in public.
@ 15 (crankygrandpa): You forgot to add: "YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN!!"
The new word everyone seems to be using for a group of food carts is a karquic. Don't know where it came from but it sounds cool. A karquic of food carts.

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