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Trapped on the Westside? Need a Drink, Stat? The Mercury Drinking Issue Has You Covered with This Curated List of Bars to Your Rescue!


A++ for refusing to play Multnomah Whiskey Library's game, Ned.
I have a soft spot for Shanghai Tunnel. That tiny smoking patio that opens into the weird upstairs part that doesn't even have taps is pretty nice in the summer, and the dark, gloomy basement can be a sanctuary from the overflowing Bro triangle. At least until about 8pm, when it starts to get receive that overflow. The staff is friendly, happy hour lasts til 7 and is dirt cheap for well drinks, and the food is decent.

Did no one go check out the renovated Tube? I'm curious what it's like now.

Thanks for all the write-ups. I'm always blank when trying to figure out somewhere to go downtown and there are a lot of spots I just forget exist.
yeah so there aint no wheres to drink up the canyon road there past the Goo Swallow Tavern. Best just stay down in the flat areas there sweety pie.
@Ned Clearly you know nothing of Floater or it's Floydian influences. I'm sorry you feel so stereotyped as a flannel wearing hipster that you must dish it out on someone else. This is why I don't bother with the low brow Mercury.
Floater is a greet band, Ned. And though you disagree, it's no reason to be so rude and completely discredit yourself at the same time.
I had the same experience at the Multnomah Whiskey Library. And I'm their target demographic! If anyone's considering it, just head to the Uptown Billiards Club - that place is awesome, and has none of the artificial ridiculousness.
I don't even know what a greet band is. They play inside the entrance to Walmart?
Is the band called Fupa?
@Todd apparently you haven't used a smart phone before. Have anything relevant to the argument at hand? I thought not.
I know it was a typo, Leit, I think Jesse meant that Floater is a Greek band.
guess away, but it's still pedantry.
Go ahead then, dip me in honey and tie me to a pedanthill.
you've gone and done that yourself

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