Yesterday at a (cold, windy, raining, outdoor) photo shoot, we were taking about how weird it is that the Sephora store in our area is way out in Washington Square, with rumors of another to open in Clackamas. Why not downtown, or merely within the city limits? Out of this grew a conversation about how much of Sephora's cultural cache has eroded as they become increasingly big box, from sophisticated and metropolitan to the WalMart for faces. From that point of view the banishment to the suburbs for Sephara stores seems less a function of Portland's junior league status among major cities and more another typical example of our city's development style. Instead we have in our urban core independent retailers like Blush specializing in makeup product and services. I don't wear much makeup anyway (I just don't have the time), and today I'm sitting at home in a slip and hoodie with a head cold, going nowhere fast, but if my situation were different, as yours hopefully is, I might like to know that today is what Blush calls "Flirty First Friday" (cursed name), wherein you book an appointment for them to do your makeup, and the $30 reservation fee can be redeemed for product. Which essentially sounds like the same deal you can get at a department store whenever, but why go chain when you can go indie?