This edition of the MOD Q+A is for "person whose style we admire".
Brighid's sartorial savvy owes mostly to her totally confidant sense of self--her choices, which usually include brands from Sweden, Antwerp, Berlin, New Zealand and Australia, reflect her sharp and discerning eye. Utterly cool, she constantly garners the attention of photographers and designers and has been in fashion shows and editorials. Check out photographer Chloé Richard to see some more of Brighid...I just can't get enough...


Where are you from? When do you move to Portland? What do you do?
Denton, Texas. I left Texas and moved to Portland – sight unseen – as soon as I was old enough. I celebrated my 6th anniversary in March. I am now a fourth-year student at PSU focusing in Germanic & Scandinavian Studies and Applied Linguistics. I somehow ended up with three jobs. I am spread out between being a nanny and cleaning house/tending to a dog.

Favorite Portland shop:
Stand-Up Comedy. I often want to open my own shop someday, and when I do we’ll be rivals.

Favorite else-where shop:
I otherwise do a lot of online-shopping from stores in New York and abroad. Recent favorites are,,,,,, &

Place to eat/drink:
A really old personal favorite is M Bar in NW, but I haven’t been there in a couple of years and it probably isn’t the same as I remember; it started to get a lot busier in the last days I lived around there. Its appeal for me was in its size, I think it holds the record for smallest bar in Portland. If you can get in fairly early and sit with just one or two friends, it’s a lovely time. They only serve beer & wine last time I checked.

The items in your wear-every-day outfit:
A pair of raw denim high-waisted Acne jeans, black flats, and an old silk blouse inherited from my mother.

Concert/event you're going to next:
The next Nightclubbing at Holocene on July 3? Please tell me there’s something going on before that.


Travel destination and dream companion:
Iceland, with my cat, Baldr.

Things on your inspiration board:
Braids, horses, masks, a wolf, knots, chains, blood, lightning, taxidermy, swords, prisms, hair, the universe, the ocean, dirt.

Last thing you purchased:

A Christian Wijnants zip-up jacket/dress, purchased from Seven NY.