Okay, here's the deal: I have a wedding to go to, but not just any wedding. It's a Western-themed camp-out wedding. Thinking about what to wear to this thing has been a challenge. Actually, I thought I had it dialed in—I knew everyone else would be in cowboy gear, so I was going to go Indian, with moccasins and feathers and shit. Then I talked to some friends yesterday (one of which is going to wear a lovely Liza Rietz dress) who are also going, and realized the horrific potential of showing up to an event where everyone could wind up looking really nice and here you are in a somewhat offensive Pokahontas Halloween costume. It would be like when Bridget Jones showed up to the party in a bunny costume only to find that it wasn't a costume party after all.


And dear god, there is nothing I want in common with Bridget Jones. I need to strike a delicate balance between classy, respectful, hot, and… "western". Considering the overnight in a tent/all night party factor, I am anticipating this will require at least two outfits. Luckily, I am good on footwear, between a modest collection of cowboy boots and a pair of good moccasins, but otherwise, this is all I've got:


It's a Rachel Comey shaped waist belt I just picked up during my lunch break at Frances May that I know I'll get a ton of mileage out of well beyond the wedding day. So shoes, and a belt, and nothing in between. I have a few other ideas but I haven't purchased anything else yet. I thought I'd fish for some suggestions here.

Oh yeah, and to make it fun? The wedding is tomorrow. (Help?)