So… the new iPhone is out today (so is the free update for those of us who were dumb smart enough to get the original version), but better yet is the App Store, where you can shop for extra add-ons and wingdings, many of which are free or totally reasonable. Like $1-10 reasonable. For instance, my personal favorite, the Checkout SmartShop. For only $5, you can download an application into which you can type in any UPC number and it will find the best prices available both locally and online, which is going to come in handy at a big box-y "we'll match any price" stores when you need to, like, buy a dishwasher. Webmonkey has a handy list of 8 things you can now do with the 2.0, and that's one of them, along with playing the drums, recording your next interview, shaking it like a Magic 8 ball to randomly generate restaurant suggestions in the area, blog, listen to the radio, and pretend it's a lightsaber.

So now are you knuckle dragging holdouts going to get one?

The iPhone: A Gift from the Gods.

(Um, except for the fact that the download is fucking up everybody's shit.)