Today marks the new CD release from Carla Bruni, ex-supermodel, ex-girlfriend of Mick Jagger, and current wife of French president Nicolas Sarkozy and international style muse/tabloid victim. It is entitled Comme si de rien n'était (As If Nothing Had Happened). While Bruni's music career predates her foray into politics, the album is of course being scrutinized in a new way because of her position. I'm listening to it for free via her web site right now, and for all of its controversy I have to say I'm finding it extremely dull. Then again, I don't speak French, so I'm missing out on all the lyrics about drugs, or that refer to her hubby as "her orgy." Bummer. Still, check it out if you have any interest in international affairs, as well as this long winded interview from yesterday's Times. Also, Time Magazine succinctly sums up the response so far, pointing out that approval or disapproval seems to coincide with political affiliation.

Carla Bruni: the conservatives love her.