It's hard to think about sweaters and cashmere this time of year, and despite the fact that Souchi has long provided Portland with beautiful non-sweater pieces from Jovovich-Hawk and Ports 1961 (not to mention won us over with their cashmere bikinis), cashmere sweaters are what we primarily associate with Souchi and its in-house line of luxury knits. So it would be understandable if you've yet to check out the newly expanded store. Turns out the silver lining of the venerable NW Music Millenium's closing is that it opened up real estate on the rest of the block for stores like Souchi to knock out the back wall and get more space without having to move.


This is what used to be the back wall, now a set of stairs ascending to the dressing room and more racks, soon to be filled with new arrivals. Speaking of which, here is one of the smattering of pieces from Jackson, Johnston & Roe:


Plus one of many styles of surprisingly affordable handbags from Argentina's Helena de Natalio:


As for the Souchi line itself, I (and surely many of you) have gotten used to loving almost everything and being able to afford almost nothing. Luckily they have begun putting out pieces in organic and textured cottons that ring in at a fraction of the pricey cashmere that Souchi built its name on, with prices hovering at around $200. Here's a peek at the fall palette:


And finally, my favorite new way to throw just a bit of Souchi into your wardrobe are these knotty necklaces/scarves, also new: