Have you guys seen Project Runway Philippines? Its debut episode was on Saturday (you can catch it on ATC or SBN--or you can just follow that YouTube link), so get on the ball if you don't have enough design reality shows in your life (and for a most likely pretty distorted window into how the fashion industry works in another part of the world). Personally, I don't think there's enough LEANNE MARSHALL in the mix, so I'll stick with the original, 'merican version for now. Speaking of which! Don't forget that tonight brings a new episode, which we'll be taking in at 8 pm (thank you, DIRECTV) at The Tanker , complete with Project Runway drink specials. This time around the designers face an Olympics related challenge--I can't wait to see what a Leanimal track suit looks like. And, the special guest judge is speed skating medalist/Dancing with the Stars veteran Apolo Anton Ohno. Hello!