For everyone who griped that last year's Portland Fashion Week wasn't easily enough accessible by bike, get ready to pedal: 14 Square--the same 61,000 square foot building that was leased as the new US headquarter expansion of Icebreaker--will host this year's series of runway shows. In fact, the LEED certified project is being sped up in order to be ready in time. In addition, Pioneer Place has agreed to host a preview featuring the designers (the details are still being determined), and Saks Fifth Avenue downtown will dedicate its windows to Portland Fashion Week designers for two weeks preceding and during the shows. In addition, one designer will be featured in a trunk show inside the Saks store, with their own designs sharing the same air as those of Prada, Missoni, and Christian Louboutin--and perhaps more importantly, in the vicinity of those who can afford to buy them!