Last night's intstallment of Project Runway was a little on the sleepy side for fans of local hero Leanne Marshall, who was largely kept in the background of the episode's drama (In a nutshell: Daniel and Kenley are too giggly and goof-offy and are annoying everyone else, Blayne won't stop griping about getting to a tanning booth, Joe got all bitchy about "his" sewing machine, and the claws are generally beginning to come out as the competition narrows.) This time around, the contestants were challenged with creating an outfit fit for an American team to wear at the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Most of the designers seemed rather unfamiliar with the concept of sports, creating looks that bore little to no relation to the task:


The judges (including guest Apolo Ohno) rightly berated Daniel, Jennifer, and Jerell for their inability to grasp the concept, though if given the chance I would have added Kelli and Kenley to that list:


The crowd at The Tanker let out a big cheer when drippy Jennifer was selected to get the boot, tired of her precious, matronly designs, weak personality, and nonsensical insistence that what she produces is surrealism. As for Leanne, she made it through the hoops just fine, but if you blinked and missed it, here was her design:


And the winner: