It used to be that a Visible Panty Line was a divisive issue: Some found it erotic, most found it tacky to be able to see the line of one's underpants through their outer layers. When VIctoria Bartlett appropriated the abbrev as the name of her line, she changed the game, and now everyone wants to see some VPL. The appeal here is wide: Women who don't ordinarily go for lingerie of the lacy, floral variety are drawn to the modern, sporty color blocking and strong, strappy materials . Fashion magpies are drawn to the eye catching colors and high fashion sensibility brought to underwear (albeit underwear worthy to be outerwear).



I've seen some pieces from the line at Odessa, but Lille Boutique (where these photos were taken--the line is in-store only, by the way, so you won't find it on their web site) just got in a new shipment of the modular panty/bra/cami sets (you can, of course, buy them as separates), but they are going fast!

On a lacier tip, Sarah Wizemann (now flying solo without former partner Sara Yurman) also got in a shipment from Sabrina Nadal, whose pieces are made with amazing chantilly lace: