In my opinion, this Portland summer has been much preferable to last year's tepid July and August, with quick dips into cooler weather for just a day or two before jumping back up towards 90 (my computer dashboard is predicting 95 for Saturday!!). I'm a fiend for the heat, but I'm starting to feel a slight pull towards the days when getting dressed requires more than just a dress and shoes. I miss my tights and layers just a tiiiiny bit. The new unisex track jackets and hoodies being put out by Erhart are one way of bridging the gap--perfect to throw over your tank top on those end-of-summer nights when things start to get slightly chilly around the grill. The bright, busy patterns and Miami club influences still feel free and summery, so you can bring a bit of the sunshine with you when we fully transition into fall.




Erhart jackets prices between $130-150--buy them here.