Last night's installment of Project Runway, starring Portland designer Leanne Marshall was another close call for our hometown heroine, who let herself be dragged down to the bottom two of this team challenge that required them to make something for Brooke Shields' character on Lipstick Jungle. Despite the fact that when Leanne showed her sketch to Shields, the actress (who they kept referring to as a fashion icon? Maybe eyebrow icon...) wanted it for her own closet, not the character's, Leanne wasn't chosen to be one of the team leaders. She was, on the other hand, the first one picked to partner up with--by Blayne, whose tanning obsession everyone is totally no longer amused by, and whose design was a huge wack attack. I'm sorry to say it, but he dragged our girl down. I see nothing Leanne about this:


Luckily, the judges didn't blame her, and she'll be back next week. Instead, cute-as-a-button Kelli got auf'd, which was really too bad. Personally I just can't believe that they keep stringing this Daniel guy along. How many times does he need to prove his incompetence? This is definitely the episode that marks a turning point in which you can really--excuse the pun--see the seams showing on the divide between what the producers think will make good TV and giving credit where credit is due to who is producing quality work. Next episode should pick up the pace: the contestants have to make costumes for drag queens!

Until then, relive the awkward conclusion:

See you next Wednesday at the Tanker, 8 pm.