Last night's installment of Project Runway not only featured an impressive lineup of drag queens serving as models/clients to the contestants, who were tasked with creating fabulous stage outfits for them—not to mention guest judge Ru "who else?" Paul—it also featured the long overdue ousting of the chronically stumbling but cute Daniel, who tested judges and audience alike for the last time with his stubborn unwillingness to follow directions and unfortunate habit of responding to criticism with a defensive (but so pouty) lip. Buh-bye, Daniel.

Portland representative Leanne Marshall, meanwhile, did a fully competent job of dressing Sharon Needles in a spiky cyberpunk mini:


The winning outfit, however, went to the show's resident grumpy old man, Joe:


Stay tuned 'til next week, when the designers are judged by none other than notorious celeb stylist Rachel Zoe!