Yes! On last night's episode of Project Runway, hometown gal Leanne Marshall won the challenge!! And, it was a decent challenge to boot: The contestants had to create their ensembles using the materials involved in building hybrid cars, meaning they had to contend with fussy materials that got stuck in their sewing machines, and banged a bunch of parts onto the floor to get at any usable guts. The results overall, considering, were pretty impressive given what they started with, but Leanne's was a shoo in--not only did she score on making something wearable, but her design idea was risky and hot:

Disregard the annoying over-modeling pose

I have to say I was getting worried about this season, given that the last couple of episodes have been rather snoozy turds, and I think it is a great sign that they are using footage of Leanne sparingly--the fact that they're stretching out her exposure means she'll be around for a while. And, she has immunity for the next challenge after last night's win, so we're guaranteed to hold on to her for at least the next two episodes. You know it's bad when they start talking about the personal lives of the designers--it's those guys who end up in the bottom two. However, I'm glad that Stella managed to avoid being auf'd, if only because I'd really like to learn more about her boyfriend "Ratbones"--you can't just drop a bomb like that and walk away.

Proof that this was the most compelling episode of the season thus far is that although he totally had it coming, I was super sad for Keith getting the axe. A reality show that induces me to eke out an actual emotional response? That's a rare gem, right there.

Oh, buddy. Next week: Diane Von mother-effing Furstenberg guest judges! (No pressure.)