I used to consider myself moderately fastidious about sun protection, but in recent years the coverage of the anti-aging/sun protection affair seems to suggest that it requires advanced degrees in several sciences to get it right. Every time you turn around, they're telling you you need a higher minimum of SPF coverage in order to avoid fatal levels of premature aging. But not so fast! Too high of an SPF coverage is a scam! It won't last if it doesn't contain titanium! Oh no, if you don't reapply it six times a day you may as well not even bother!

Ugh. It all seems like so much trouble that it's no wonder so many people have thrown up their hands and all but given up. Now there's a new product designed to add a base layer of SPF without adding any hassle to your routine: sunscreen soap. The claim is that just lathering with this body soap gives you an SPF 10 layer of protection--a moderate amount, but better than nothing, especially as temperatures begin to cool and SPF mania calms down. I was able to try out Bethesda Sunscreen Soap , which is at the fore of this new skincare development. All natural, appropriate for sensitive skin, and packed with vitamins, it's a good soap with a nice thick lather and at $8 a bar (unfortunately not sold locally, but available online) it is long lasting, moisturizing, and has a very mellow scent. Of course, it is somewhat difficult to gauge the veracity of such a low SPF--it should prevent your getting a sunburn on your morning walk to the office?--but for the exhausted lazy-bones it at least represents an effort, without any additional steps to your morning routine.