With Obama on his way to the White House, it makes me want to renew everything for the forthcoming new era, to reinvent myself for the Obama Years by making smart decisions and investments in my wardrobe, things I believe in (read: local design) and want to support (the local business economy). Oh, and maybe change my hair, too. You can start your own transformation today at Covet (429 SW 10th), which is featuring 20% off their selection of Calleen Cordero shoes, belts, and bags through Sunday!


Okay, so Calleen Cordero is not local--she and her goods hail from California. I'm torn today over my home state, which on the one hand is full of a-holes who voted to ban gay marriage, yet who also passed Measure 2, which mandates improved conditions in which the huge food-supplying state must keep its farm animals, most notably chickens. And yes, I am suggesting one can support chicken welfare by purchasing leather goods. So what?