When you splurge for a salon treat at a fancy spa like Aequis, you may as well do your best to ensure that it's everything you want, including the music. Why not, you're paying for the entire experience, right? Well Aequis has picked up on that, and beginning in January will offer "theme nights," when you can book an appointment on a night that you know your favorite jams are going to be on. Like "Ladies of Jazz" night (Jan 16) with songbirds like Billie Holiday and Etta James, or "Gen-X" night (Jan 30), with the Cure, Mazzy Star, and their ilk, or maybe "Sexy R 'n' B" night (Feb 13) is more your speed, or "Radiohead" night (Jan 23)? Hmm? Go on and peruse the menu of services this 7,000 square foot salon offers--it's pretty impressive. And these nights, which run from 5 pm-2 am (?!) promise "flickering candles, intriguing spirits, special lights, rich fragrances filling the air, and healing touches."

These two are totes downs for Sexy R 'n' B Night.