It's hard to see past the glare of the holidays, but in short order it will be January, a new year, and most likely a hard one, requiring of you bravery and fortitude. If nothing else, 2009's tone is sure to be one of seriousness, and serious times call for serious clothes. While to some that may translate into unwavering allegiance to the classics, for other that will entail serious introspection about clothing and its role in our lives, the economy, and how it coexists with art and the craft practices of making objects. It's in that spirit that I wanted to give you a peek at Mono, a Vancouver, BC line coming to Stand Up Comedy in January (drop by now to see the handcrafted lace collar that's in the store for a teaser—SUC is the only US retailer outside of NYC where you can find this line). The mission statement, as it were:

mono is a succession of capsule series created by Heather Martin. With each series, Heather explores the spaces between art, craft, design & fashion aiming to redefine the categorical convention of these genres as well as their ideals, content, norms & expectations.

Yeah. Here's what that looks like: