UPDATE! This event was canceled due to the weather. Boo!

If you're planning to venture out into the elements this weekend (I can't imagine how else we're supposed to finish our shopping and shipping), consider popping into the ooncey warmth of Aura for makeup, hair products, and vodka. It's "Behind the Scenes," billed as an event that transports you to the backstages of fashion shows, with professionals demonstrating product while you sip on vodka tastings from Artisan Spirits. While the makeup featured raises my hackles because it's apparently another multi-level marketed company (Is it just me, or are there suddenly more of these? Is it an economy thing, with people looking for extra income or what? Am I over-reacting that I find it so off-putting?), I'm still interested: It's Created Natural, a local line of mineral makeup and skin care. Obviously, mineral makeup is old news, but despite the fact that a makeup artist friend dismisses it as "dirt in a bottle," I'm an adherent because it really does seem to be gentler on the skin, and I'm always extra-interested in supporting a local company. I just would rather do so at a store. Like with normal stuff. And without a company rep talking to me about "business opportunities." Anyhow... the hair care line being featured is one I'm already familiar with, and another local, Sidlab (I'm way into the cornily named but awesome Curlista curl gel, which is super hassle-free and idiot-proof to use—just comb it into damp hair and let air dry, or if you really want to get fancy, twirl up sections of your hair with it before air drying—and perfectly augments natural waves and curls), and will be demonstrated by company founder Eric Allen Nelson. Counting the vodka, that's three local product lines that will be featured at the event, so when they no doubt try to sell you things at the end of the night, any money you drop will go back into the local economy. Not a bad deal. It all goes down this Saturday, the 20th, from 6-9 pm at Aura, and will also feature a silent auction to benefit Friend in My Pocket, which sounds kind of dirty, but is actually a non-profit that... well, that has an incredibly vague mission statement. (Do I seem cranky today? Sorry.)


If there's one thing in this entire blog post that I absolutely trust, it's Curlista. (Okay, that and the vodka.)