If you have yet to wrap up your holiday shopping or, like me, haven't even begun...don't panic. And don't go to the mall! Shop locally-owned boutiques for super-cool gifts, support Portland's design scene and keep your cash in the community.
To make the selction easy, I asked the owners of some of my favorite shops to send me their gift picks. Check them out below!

Tez and Mannix of Parallel recommend:
"Makr leather goods, comes in its own hand stamped box. Each item has a limited run. A perfect gift since you don’t need to know their size!" Now on sale for $60!

Rachel and Diana of Stand Up Comedy recommend:
"Pantheon of Broken Men and Women poster, made in collaboration with Stand Up Comedy, Slavs and Tatars and Fillip Magazine." Only $15!

Modi of Idom recommends:
"I really love this manzaneda gray dress, designed by yours truly. I think it would be great for Holiday parties. You can purchase the dress at the shop or via new cartel site." Only $165 for local design!

Jordan of Winn Perry recommends:
"Simple and classic scents, like Musgo Real's No. 2 Oak Moss, or Meehan's Bay Rhum. At $30 and $24 respectively, they won't throw your holiday budget overboard. They also fit very nicely in a stocking."

Pam of Frances May recommends:
"Moonwood is a local design team that's recently come out with a line of beautiful rings. Because these pieces are made by hand and from exotic scrap wood each one is completely unique (and no trees were harmed)." $60 - $90!

Dawn of Narcisse recommends:
"This ivory Noa Noa scarf is soft and snowy, with touches of lace and three beautiful silk roses at the neck. It's also available in black." A cool $45!

Carey and Logan of Seaplane recommend:
"The Church and State Delaware Dress for $410. Made In Portland."

My recommendation:
Both Frances May and Parallel carry cool A Peace Treaty scarves. They're handmade in Pakistan, come in a bunch of gorgeous colors and patterns, and cost about $80.