At the end of the year, everyone makes their "best of" lists, but I thought it was more appropriate in a fashion context to switch gears and look ahead to 2009. Bearing that in mind, I asked a number of Portland designers and shop owners for their style wishes, predictions, advice, and more to carry into the new year, including baggage from 2008 that they'd like to see left behind. I didn't get to ask nearly all the people I'd like to hear from, though, and the limitations of print journalism mean that even the people I did hear from had to be edited. I'd like to post all of the unfettered responses here, though, in the final weeks on the final day of 2008, and I would encourage everyone to jump in and add your own responses.

Big chunky cowls and neck warmers are already enjoying their huge practical hit in such places as I’m so glad, because not only are they super warm and admirably courageous, they’re such a neat twist to the old humdrum of scarves! (Plus everyone looks mysteriously adorable with half their face covered.) Realistically, most of us will be strapped for cash after Christmas, even more so this year, so I predict that in 2009 thrift and vintage will turn the tide even more. The notion that vintage wares are expensive is totally untrue, you can find great vintage-wear for surprisingly affordable prices. If you’re in Portland, you should definitely check out Tony Starlight, an awesome restaurant that hosts the monthly Alexandra’s vintage fashion show, where you feed your gob while admiring lovely vintage clothes (heaven, right?). I predict that the hot colors for 2009 will be dusty muted colors and am wishing very hard that the complexity of grey will make a big comeback. What I truly hope to see in 2009 is snippets of extravagance and luxury fused with simplicity and unexpected textures. I don’t know how the fashion gods will do that, but when I see it I will love it.”—Tiffany Pang, Muntedkowhai


The Cuthbert necklace, one of Pang's many amazing pieces