I’ve been trying to reconcile writing about fashion with the economy the way it is. Encouraging people to spend when they might get laid off? Not in line with my values.
However, I do love fashion and I know you do, too (or, uh, you wouldn’t be reading this). Maybe instead of ceasing to shop, we can take this opportunity to change our shopping habits. Maybe we can shop in a more thoughtful manner.
My proposal is pretty simple: spend more on less. Buy a few quality items and wear the hell out of them.
The strategy? Choose versatile pieces that can be styled a myriad of ways. To illustrate, I asked Adam Arnold, make-up artist Kristin Goodman and photographer Christy Klep to help me style his lovely midnight blue dress for four everyday occassions. Kristin models after the jump.
I could wear it to work, and to visit Nana, and to the bar, and to…

Work It with a bright cardigan, T-strap shoes, and a big red belt.
Cardigan, Lutz & Patmos at Parallel; Shoes, Slow and Steady Wins The Race at Stand-Up Comedy; belt, Idom Designs at Idom.

Pay Your Respects in a lace collar, Nana's favorite locket and bold tights.
Collar, Mono at Stand-Up Comedy; locket and tights, model's own, women clothes.

Hunt and Gather in a furry hat, cozy tee and, of course, legwarmers.
Tee, Tumbleweed Boutique; cuff, Idom Designs at Idom; shoes, Slow and Steady Wins The Race at Stand-Up Comedy;hat and legwarmers, model's own.

Relax in Your Natural Habitat in Adam Arnold accented with the bare minimum.
Bracelet, Saskia Designs at Stand-Up Comedy; tights and boots, model's own.natural_habitat.JPG

Special thanks to: Sheridan's Fruit Co. and The Slammer.