Anna Korte is one of three up for vote right now on Daily Candy as one of 2008's sweetest things, so let's stuff the ballot box, yeah? Here's what they have to say about her (I could do without the pirate thing):

As any pirate knows, there’s good loot (fancy jewels, golden medallions, vintage rum) to be plundered if you know where to look. And Anna Korte does. The Portland-based jewelry designer scours Rose City antiques stores, estate sales, and jewelry warehouses for unusual pieces. Korte repurposes her bohemian treasures (horseshoe charms, leather gloves) into earrings and necklaces — all of which are named after bits of poetry by writers (E.E. Cummings, John Burroughs) who inspire her. Fringed anchors made from textured leather lend an arty appeal, while brassy ball-bearing chains, whistle charms, and orb lockets transform old into new. Aye, aye, me hearties: It’s one serious booty call.


I just bought my first piece of Anna's last month—a charm necklace of sorts, with a leather braid (I'm especially fond of how she uses leather). I'm hoping 2009 is going to be good for her, and that we'll see more of her work in town and beyond. So best of '08 is nice and all, but whatever...