Some internet love for Kate Towers, who just launched a new web site, featuring some great photos of past and current collections, as well as a blog. Today marks the first entry, but I am greatly looking forward to tracking what she's working on through it. I love boutique and designer blogs, I think everyone should do it. Although I am anti-online shopping (I know, Etsy, blah blah—I love Etsy, but I only use it to "window" shop, and can't ever bring myself to buy something I've never tried on. That's so essential. It's actually a point I brought up with Faythe Levine, author/editor/director of Handmade Nation in an interview I just published in the new issue. It just doesn't make sense to me to buy these handmade one of a kind items online when you live in a city like Portland, where it's so easy to buy directly from the artists, but she brought up the fact that people who live rurally don't have that kind of access. I guess I'm kind of a hardliner on it.) I use blogs constantly to pique my interest in checking out the three-dimensionals. A couple of my favorite shots from Kate's new site:


Very smart to cut all that sugar with some sport.


Full disclosure: I hate white wedding dresses. I think this would make a brilliant alternative, and at less than $500, it's incredibly economical when you consider the price of the typical cream-puff extravaganza.