I'm sorry to announce another store closure, this time from one of Portland's biggest supporters of local design: Foundation Garments. From Louis Carlson:

It's been three years full of wonderful and somewhat less wonderful experiences, but, we're at the end of our lease in the present space, and after doing a bunch of soul searching and some always stimulating number crunching, we have unanimously come to the decision that rather than making a large financial and personal reinvestment to move to a larger space and reboot the operation, we're all ready to take a break and reclaim many of the joys of life that one sacrifices to be self-employed; days off, making music with friends, dinner before ten p.m., a steady income, and the sound nights of sleep that come with knowing someone else is responsible for watching that pesky bottom line.

I hope do get in touch with the Foundation Garments crew later today for more details. For now, expect the doors to close at the end of February, and "one heckuva liquidation sale" in the near future.