As a kind of open letter/general request to all designers and retailers with web sites:

Increasingly, window-shopping is being done online. The seductive waltz between a shopper and a business now begins long before the prospective customer walks through the door. Stores have long-ago begun catering to internet usage with online purchasing options and blogs, both of which are awesome, and can really draw people into the merchandise. Many companies and stores give excellent, detailed descriptions of the products, their materials, sizes, color options, etc. Companies that go out of their way to market themselves to customers as being green in particular tend to be fastidious in their presentation of the hows and whys of materiality—all very valuable information.

The one thing that consistently blows my mind and irritates the hell out of me is how frequently what I consider to be a crucial detail is omitted: Please be upfront about where things are made. If you are detail oriented enough to provide information on how many square inches a pocket on a bag has, you can do this. If I'm tempted by your blog or online store to come in and try on or examine what you're selling, you know what one of the first things I'm going to do is anyway? Look at the tag.

Okay, done.


Which is not to say I don't also have a fondness for things made in, say, France, or Sweden, for instance...