The "Arctic Blast" did more than just inconvenience and piss off (can I say that?) Portlanders trying to accomplish anything during its almost two week stay in December. Poor Narcisse, a women's boutique next door to Frances May on Washington St in downtown Portland, suffered a bit worse than the rest of us. The store, which had only been open for three months, and is the only store in the States to carry the Danish brand Noa Noa, had to shut down on December 26th due to catastrophic flooding!!

I am not exaggerating; catastrophic! The flooding was due to a missing vent pipe cap on the roof, which unfortunately allowed the 18 inches of wretched snow to cascade into the pipes, melt, then make its way down 4 floors to ruin the new boutique in all its glory. The three stories above the shop were empty, so there was nobody to cry wolf once the water started to invade and work its way down. Five whole style runs were ruined in the washout, as were three or four pieces of furniture.

The good news is that Narcisse is reopening today with a big sale to rid the store of what fall pieces the Blast didn't get its dirty wet paws on. Spring merchandise is soon arriving, and keep your eyes open for information about their big Grand (re)Opening taking place sometime soon. Be sure to stop in this afternoon if you can, they're open till 7.