The name pretty much says it all: this DIY fashion show is about reusing scraps of fabric, from satin to an old rug, and turning them into gorgeous pieces to wear. The organizers of the show, Andrea Fretwell and Janessa Philemon-Kerp, are Portlanders who were inspired by a fashion show of the same kind, in which they were a designer/model team in Seattle in 2008. For the new and improved Portland version, they collected scrap donations from around town and found 23 local designers to participate in this Project Runway-esque challenge. Instead of a matter or hours, however, they get 2/12 months to complete their fashion creations, which seems fortunate for some of the designers, who are reported to have absolutely no sewing experience. But maybe when working with an old rug, it's more about creativity than sewing expertise. In any case, the range of designer experience is vast and it will be fun to see what they all produce. Especially because at the end of the night, you can make a bid at the silent auction to take home your favorite garment.

The Modified Style event will take place on May 17th at 7pm in the charming Secret Society Ballroom. Tickets are $10-15 and all proceeds will benefit The Farm Sanctuary, Sisters of the Road, and Junior League Portland.

Reusing materials and donating to charity? You can’t argue with fashion like this.