UPDATE! This event had been canceled. So, never mind.


There are few things these days I would cough up $20 for. Things I would pay $20 include: a years supply of buttermilk biscuits, magical powers, an autographed life-sized cutout of Steve Humphrey, and a tacky, never been worn 80's prom dress of my choosing. I'm currently facing the opportunity to cross one of those Andrew Jackson worthy items off my list.

See, here's why the last one will very shortly be a reality. Friday, April 3rd Allie's Diva Do's presents Paper Guys and Dolls, a warehouse sale of over 200 never been worn bridesmaid and prom dresses from 1970 to the 1990's. Best described in the e-mail blast sent to us about the event, these dresses "are perfect for refashionistas, drag and gag."

I'm slightly obsessed with the vernacular of the e-mail, and feel as though I cannot compete so I'll just pass this on directly:

"$20.00 admission includes entrance fee and a dress of your choosing selection. All styles, all sizes-First come, First picks. Can't fit in your designer dress? Pin it to the outside of your clothing and become your own Paper Doll. Additional dresses can be purchased after the event at ½ price. Enter drab and walk away fab.

From disco to hip hop, DJs will spin music spanning the decades. Join us for drinks, dancing and disgruntled dreams.

21 and over only please."


When: Friday, April 3rd, 8-11pm
Where: The Wedding House at 39th & Clinton
What: "drinks, dancing and disgruntled dreams"
Why: Because there are few things worth $20, and I believe this to be one of them.