New pieces by Portland designer May Tee for Spring '09 are set to hit the racks at Mario's and Parallel by the end of this week.



A relative newcomer to the local fashion scene, May Tee has quickly built up recognition for precision and professionalism in the design and construction of her line, as well as an enormous amount of enthusiasm and energy for deconstructing the assumptions (read: limitations) associated with growing a fashion business in Portland. She founded Portland Fashion Synergy with myriad goals in mind, one of which was to make local, high quality production an attainable reality for local designers. And what do you know, by the looks of her most recent designs for Fall/Winter '09-'10, for which she set up a local factory (it's called Filo Garment Factory, located in Northwest Portland) to do the sample/production work, she's come another step closer:


Says May Tee: "Currently the factory is producing the maytee line and for Lucia Apparel. It is the plan (and our mission!) for Filo to support the local designers. We are in the process to streamline the production process so we can take in some work for local designers. The factory is set up to do all pattern making as well as pattern grading digitally. It is pretty sweet!!"

Sweet indeed. Can't wait to take the factory tour.