'Tis the season for dresses! Well, that's a lie. Every season is a season for dresses, but 'tis the season for dresses without tights! Which I'm kind of sad about because I just picked up a pretty floral pair, but I'll excuse my wasteful purchase in honor of celebrating...Mabel & Zora's One Year in the Pearl Anniversary!

Today through Sunday the 22nd they will bestow upon us, their beloved shoppers, 20% off dresses. Because the only thing better than a dress during a recession is a dress that's on sale.

Do not miss their celebratory party next Friday the 20th, for they will have other recession friendly things: wine (booze), dessert (food), and drawings for gift certificates and other good stuff (possibility of free stuff). Recap: discount, booze, food, and other (if you're lucky) free stuff. This sounds fantastic.