It has been at least five years since I cracked an issue of Cosmopolitan, and back then that was only because one of the other girls in the house full of 20-something party chicks I was living with thought it would be funny to have around for the wacky sex advice, but it was actually just boring. The only fun I ever had with it was when I ironically decided to follow all the magazine's fashion tips, which led to some pretty interesting and dubiously popular household experiments, including the infamous Summer of Hiphop Head Scarves. Oh, good times.

Anyway, it is my duty to inform you that Clyde Rae Brual, former Cosmo Fashion Editor, is coming to Portland to deliver a fashion seminar titled "Rosemary in the City," to cover: anecdotes from backstage at New York Fashion Week; wardrobe "dos" and "please don'ts" among other tips; and an appearance by the actor and producer Evan Ferrante.


Kinda cute... never heard of him.

There will also be a raffle (prizes include a Christian Louboutin bag and a closet consultation with Clyde), and it will benefit Rosemary Anderson High School's program for at-risk Portland youth. It goes down May 9 at the Hotel Deluxe at 7 pm, tickets are $25.