Coco Avant Chanel, the Coco Chanel biopic starring Audrey Tatou, is releasing in France tomorrow, meaning its US release is—um, hopefully—not too far behind!

In the meantime, all us Yanks have to tide ourselves over with is the trailer that came out last month... in French. (The American version with English subtitles is apparently a few weeks out.) So, Videogum, which apparently shares my impatience, had a high school freshman with one and a half semesters of French under her belt translate it for those of us who, despite eight ostensible years of grade-school French, can still barely sing Frére Jacques:

Hmm. Maybe something got lost in the translation there, but that actually looks underwhelming and washed out. In fact the whole proposition seemed more fascinating when it was first announced, didn't it? Stay tuned for the US debut, sometime this year (fingers crossed).