I'm on pins and needles waiting to get the photos back from last night's Forecast Fashion show, but they won't come in until later tonight. In the meantime, remember this?:


One can always rely on Adam Arnold to keep things entertaining, and he was mischievously secretive about his plans until the last possible moment, keeping us all guessing as to what he would send onto the runway. I never ever would have guessed that he'd be sending out a papier-mache mirrored car (made with old Mercurys, BTW) driven by a powdered-wigged raccoon lady in a psychedelic three-piece suit eating eggs with a spoon. Nope, didn't see that coming.

It should also be noted—the arrangements were made after the program had already shipped to the printer—that the fabric for the suit was contributed by textile designer Dana Bruington, who was also featured in the Emerging Designer Showcase that kicked off the night. Also, did you notice her eyes? He had his model wear these really terrifying contact lenses that completely black out the eyes. GHHAA! Couple more photos after the break courtesy of Jesse Champlin, and I'll post more from the rest of the show when I get 'em!