Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU New Kids on the Block for taking time out of your busy "cruising" schedule (okay, fine, they're currently on a NKOTB ship cruise with a bunch of their fans) to explain the intricacies of male grooming. To start…

Right you are, Danny. I'm doing that as we speak… but what about Mankinis? I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MANKINIS!!

No Speedos or Mankinis
When asked which one of them packed a speedo, the other four members shout "Danny!" But Danny says his swimsuit won't be that revealing: "John Mayer may get away with a mankini, but the rest of us can't."

"What's a mankini?" Donnie asks.

"It's like a speedo with suspenders, but all one piece," explains Joey.

Oh sweet Jesus, I want to go on this cruise, just so I can sink the ship and die with these people.