Yeah, yeah... your first reaction is to go "Gag!!" (Unless you're me, and you seriously love you some beef jerky. Did you know I once visited a Oberto beef jerky outlet store, and subsequently bought and ate an entire pound of jerky in one sitting? I still have a headache.) However, while it's $139 price tag might be tough to swallow, there's some interesting and nicely detailed work going on here. From Etsy...

We joked about it long enough, it was time to make dreams come true! Please allow us to introduce our first EVER pair of beef jerky underwear we call BRIEF JERKY. Note the time and care that has gone into crafting this wonderful undergarment. The attention to the properly placed groments that enhance the wearers comfort! We've even "bedazzled" this pair and added our Mixed Species logo on the back next to a heart of rhinestones. All in time for Father's Day!

We consider these to be the first in "meat haute coutoure". They are made to order for each specific customer from the highest quality of dried preserved meats we can find at the closest convenience store.

They are also quick to note that "Brief Jerky is NOT for consumption." But you're going to torture your vegan boyfriend with it anyway, aren't you?


Tip o' the hat to Geekologie.