In the past two issues of the Merc, Sold Out has featured articles from both Marjorie and Brett Glass on their top picks for Portland summer fashions. Now, living vicariously though the ideas of Marjorie, I've decided to take to the internet to dig up some more summer worthy wardrobe fixes.

I'm not typically an online shopper, I'm the kind of person who like to be able to try things on before buying, but I do online pre-shop. You know, like see what's out there before hitting the stores. I'm not sure how many people out there frequent local boutiques' online stores, but it's a subsection of Portland shopping that I tend to overlook. So, sticking with buying local, I've been hunting some of Portland's finest via internet to give you my summer picks.

Shorts: Frank James


Though I've avoided shorts for years, I'm very excited for the wider legged, high decorative waist, cuffed shorts I've been seeing at some stores. I like the plain shirt on top—leave it to the shorts to make the statement.

Shoes: Sotto Boutique (it's in Beaverton)


I tend to want to go sandal crazy in the summer, so I've been hunting for something sandal-y but a little less Rome and a little more Roman Holiday...meaning a little more fem and dainty.

Skirt: Frances May


I'm not gonna lie, folks, I work at Anthropologie. And I like their clothes, a lot. But (1) I can't afford them, and (2) I don't want to give them the money I do have. This reminded me of something we'd carry. I love the bright colors, which seem to be a big trend this summer.

Swimsuit: Frances May


I love Popina, but this suit from Frances May is so different and fun it caught my eye immediately.

Keep the "Summer Livin' (and dressing) trend alive and leave a comment telling us your favorite places to shop (keep the places local if you can) and items you love.