Confession time:

1. For all my squawking about buying local fashion, I also think that American Apparel is pretty great. Sorry.

2. Generally speaking, I love '80s fashion. Again, sorry.

Two notable exceptions in one are the efforts afoot (most prominently on AA's part to re-introduce the scrunchy. It's entirely possible that I'm simply not hanging out in the right places for this, but I have as of yet not noticed the trend (?) take hold in Portland. I bring it up because I just saw an ad that is going into this week's paper of a girl covered in scrunchies, evidence that AA's marketing team is specifically targeting us as promising potential scrunchie consumers. I am helluv not down, but I said the same thing about leggings and skinny jeans (although I kind of knew deep down that I was lying to myself). Also, I find this photo mesmerizing. What do you think, are you falling for this one?