Portland Fashion Week is coming around the bend again (October 7-11, and also full disclosure: I have been an increasingly delinquent member of the Advisory Board for what now, two years? I didn't know if I was on the board anymore but I ran into Tito Chowdhury on Friday at May Tee's Parallel trunk show—the new location is great, by the way, and May has been making some pieces under the $200 mark for, um, "aspirational" fashion fans like me—and he told me I was, so there.)

Anyhow, PFW has a way of kicking off a storm of debate every time it comes up (Sample topics: What purpose does it/should it serve? Who are those people in the VIP section? Is it too expensive for the designers to participate? Is it trying to make Portland something it's not? Should the City be more involved? Is green fashion too faddish to use as a theme? And so on and on.). Luckily, Portland Fashion Synergy is in the process of trying to organize a forum (?) or panel (?) where prospective participants can hash some of this out—stay tuned for details.

In the meantime, it's been announced that registration is now open for press and buyers—one thing that's clear is that PFW will only be successful if it is able to attract buyers, no? And, there is no fee for wholesale and boutique buyers. If you are such a person, send an email here with your credentials. Also, enjoy this rather unnecessarily effusive video highlighting last year's event: